10 Free Retouching Photoshop Files

I constantly hear people moan in every day life about how people make themselves look good in photos. The thing is you can’t really believe what you see in photos anymore, because you will see this beautiful girl on the cover of vogue and you will then see her one day in real life and you will think to yourself, “What even made me think that she was pretty?” That’s the world that we live in today and that teenage girls revolve around.

There is of course some problems with the fact that girls photoshop themselves, ex:

1. They are giving forth that they are someone that they aren’t at all.
2. You see someone in that photo that doesn’t look like the person in real life at all.
3. They start carrying a image/attitude that only really contradicts to their photos but, not to their usual outer appearance.

With all that being said, I have rounded up 10 Free Retouching Photoshop Files for you to see how some artists do their retouching and makeup for models in photoshop. Their are some valuable lessons to be learned with certain tools in these different .psd files and I encourage you to go through them if you want to improve in your retouching division.

10 Free Retouching Photoshop Files(.psd)

Click the photos to go to their respective download sites.

1. Portrait Retouching


2. Beauty Retusche


3. Retouch Ashley


4. Retouch for FOTO TV


5. Retouch


6. Photo Retouching


7. Woman Retouch


8. Retouching Megan Fox


9. Retouching Workflow


10. Retouching Gold Skin


This post is mostly directed to upcoming photographers and girls.

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