10 High Res Texture packs

Finding Unique textures has always been a problem. Just when you think you have come across the correct one you cannot use it because, the quality of the image is way to low. Let me settle some of your frustrations, below I have listed 10 Unique Texture Packs with the capabilities of being downloaded and used in HIGH QUALITY work. I can definitely clarify that they are worth a download as I downloaded them to check if they were High Quality and all I can say is YES.

Make sure to read the rules of each Texture Pack’s Artist just to see what permissions you exactly have.

1. JoeTextures


2. Abstract Experimentals. Vol IV


3. Package Velvet


4. Rust Textures


5. Textures 02


6. Hardcore Vintage Grunge


7. Spiderwebs – Texture Pack


8. 12 High Res Grunge Texture Pack


9. Urban Texture Pack


10. Ink Stained Packaging Paper Textures


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    Nice collection man. Thanks for sharing :)

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