10 Things Your Homepage Must Have for Effective Marketing

Your website is a valuable tool for not only landing new clients, but also advertising your services. When people visit your website, the first page they are likely to come across is your homepage. Since it plays the role of the face of your company, you need to ensure that it captures the visitors’ attention within seconds. To achieve this, here are ten things that your homepage actually needs:

1. Great Headlines

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Any time people visit your website, they want to know what you do at a glance. This is where great headlines come in. A headline tells your visitor what to expect from the site, and it needs to be brief and to the point. You also need sub-headlines to give short descriptions of the different services or products that you offer.

2. Social Media Links

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Social media marketing is a common form of marketing that companies have embraced. Given that about one in every four people is on at least one social media platform, you need to encourage visitors to engage with your company through social media. This can be achieved by strategically placing links to all your social media platforms on the homepage.

3. Easy Navigation

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Make it possible for the visitors to navigate your homepage easily, regardless of whether they are regular visitors or first timers. Text based navigation menus and sufficient descriptions for links are necessary for users to browse your site well. Above all, keep your navigation simple and visible.

4. Call to Action is Vital

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CTAs are essential on all webpages on your site, including the homepage. However, since most of the visitors come in through the homepage, you can have multiple CTAs for different offers for everyone to feel appreciated and valued.

5. Your Contact Information

The whole point of coming up with a website for your business is to help you generate leads. This means that your contact information must be explicitly placed on the homepage to enable these visitors reach you. Provide your email address, business address and telephone number to help them know that you value your visitors.

6. Profiling Video

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One of the easiest techniques of capturing people’s attention on your website is by having a video that explains what you do and also briefly profiles your company on the homepage. Since this video is meant to engage visitors, keep it short, preferably under three minutes.

7. Testimonials

Many people decide to buy something after reading other people’s reviews of the product or service. This makes it pertinent for your homepage to have client testimonials and reviews to help your visitors make up their mind. These testimonials also help in boosting confidence especially in new customers about your products or services.

8. Quality Images

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Despite the fact that you have a video on your homepage, you still need some images to build credibility and also create interest in your visitors. Remember to include images of people in order to build the trust that you need in potential customers.

9. Link it to Your Blog

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Although you have a website to help you woo new business, your blog is meant to be the content king. As a result, ensure that you have a way of directing your visitors to your blog for more information. A simple link should do but do not try to make your blog your homepage.

10. List Your Awards

If your company has received any awards, no matter how trivial you may think they are, ensure that your visitors know someone out there recognised your efforts. Awards on the homepage show that you are a winner and of course everyone wants to be associated with the winning team or brand or company.

Your homepage is the face of your company online, and you need to make it count. Given that people decide within the first few seconds if they will go on and read through your site, ensuring that all these items are covered on your homepage will help keep them engaged.

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