We love seeing what other designer come up with and their creative processes. In this post I have rounded up 100 sketchbooks and moleskin’s from the Behance Network which will leave you totally breathless. This post will definitely inspire you to create something new, perhaps you will be doing some Poster Printing sometime soon.



































































































About the Author:
Hello, I’m Jasmin Halkic, 22 years old professional graphic and web designer from Croatia. I practice in creating a cool websites, logos and other graphic designs. Follow me: Twitter | Facebook | Stumbleupon | Delicious | Digg | Design Bump | Vimeo | deviantART | Behance Network | Flickr

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    This post was mentioned on Twitter by Creativeoverflow: RT @An1ken: 100 Sketchbooks and Moleskins That Will Leave you Breathless –

  3. This is awesome! I have a moleskine as well but it’s not worth showing to anybody.
    .-= Design Informer´s last blog ..Some People Actually Read: Sparing a Thought for ‘Readers’ in the Design Community =-.

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  5. IVAN says:

    WOW! ??
    .-= IVAN´s last blog ..New illustration : Sunny night =-.

  6. Ícaro Ferracini says:

    Wow! Amazing sketchs!

  7. Reeta Luthra says:

    These are gorgeous – lots of inspiration to get me working on mine!
    .-= Reeta Luthra´s last blog ..How To Help Your Young Child Deal With Anger =-.

  8. Ted Rex says:

    It’s always great to peak into the minds of clever people. I made this page on of my three links for the day on my daily design blog:


  9. Great sketches but I’m sure a few of the photos in the middle are books not sketchbooks? ;)

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  11. I love Moleskine! Amazing collection nice work.

  12. schetboekjes says:

    [...] of schrijven. Dan is zo’n notebook zoals ze ook wel genoemd worden wel heel erg handig. Via Creative Flow kwam ik er achter dat er veel designers zijn die hier de mooiste creaties van maken. Ook de boekjes [...]

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  15. MrFenix says:

    Quality mate! Thanks for that!!! :)

  16. Waasysc says:

    Like the sketches, I draw some too, but never get to color them.
    .-= Waasysc´s last blog ..How to draw an USB Flash Drive =-.

  17. No problem. I’m glad you like it all.

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  19. BabyBoo says:

    I like the diversity on your sketches. Truly amazing and inspirational!
    .-= BabyBoo´s last blog ..Hefner gaat trouwen? =-.

  20. motercalo says:

    wondefull this 100 Sketchbooks

  21. MahjongGuru says:

    Very nice sketches… I would buy some :P
    .-= MahjongGuru´s last blog ..Mahjong – A Game of Skill And Luck! =-.

  22. Red Vacuum says:

    I really like the t-shirt one with the hangman design. It’s morbid enough but not too morbid :>
    .-= Red Vacuum´s last blog ..Buying a Red Vacuum Cleaner Online 1: eBay =-.

  23. Verry cool stuff, i like it.

  24. The title was correct, I am breathless. There is so much talent out ther and so many creative people who never get a chance to publish their stuff. I wish someone could create something like one of these for my business which you can find if you click the link on my name. It is a solar shade screen site and I need something to make it cool. Just like the product (solar screens) makes homes and businesses cooler. It does this by blocking the sun from coming through the windows. Anyway, I am really glad to have found this inspiring collection of artistic expression.

  25. Ivan says:

    Super cool photos, but load a little bit slowly :)
    .-= Ivan´s last blog is preparing for launch! =-.

  26. Very innovative sketches with lots of cool ideas. Love it.

  27. Wow! These are really cool. I especially loved the black & white science fiction cartoons style. Where did you find all these ?
    .-= Dofollow Blogs´s last blog ..How to make your first Dollar ONLINE ? =-.

  28. I’m amazed with the creativity used in first 4-5 design, they used very beautiful colours and brush stroks

    Thanks for sharing

  29. John says:

    These sketches are great! I would love to have these for my website.

  30. Sergey says:

    Cool!!! I’d like it! super sketchbooks!!!, thanks for this site! :)
    .-= Sergey´s last blog ..?????! ??????? ???????? + ??????? ??????! =-.

  31. Great, they really look amazing. It got my creativity flowing again :-)
    .-= Patrick Kalkman´s last blog ..Workshop Discover Non-functional Requirements =-.

  32. Really beautiful designs and colors!
    .-= EveningShawls´s last blog ..Carla Bruni’s Purple Evening Shawl =-.

  33. Snaprammer says:

    Exccelent selection thanks for sharing.

  34. Those were very nice designs! congratulations…

  35. Wow…the imagination and talent to put ideas on paper never ceases to amaze me. Before the Internet, only a handful of people would have ever seen even one of this items and now thousands can see all of them.

  36. ravenclaw says:

    Excellent beautiful design, creativity can be seen at once the artist works)

  37. Sivaranjan says:

    This is incredibly interesting and inspiring. . I want to include this article in my art aggregator site. Hope thats ok with you.

  38. Tonyupheo says:

    I love Moleskine! Amazing collection nice work.

  39. hitittuning says:

    Exccelent selection thanks for sharing.

  40. Manoj says:

    During my school days I had a sketchbook in which i use to scribble figures of birds, trees and cars. Your photos remind me of those childish creative days. I’m Mesmerized :)
    .-= Manoj´s last blog ..Planning First Primary Important Function Of Management =-.

  41. Manoj says:

    During my school days I had a sketchbook in which i use to scribble figures of birds, trees and cars. Your photos remind me of those childish creative days. I’m Mesmerized :)

  42. Adam says:

    Great collection of sketches love em, putting on as my wallpaper right now.

  43. Signature says:

    Great set of illustrations and designs. I think my favourite though is the Nottingham Trent Uni book. Long live old school graphic design!

  44. Jodhpurs says:

    Brilliant collection, makes me want to pick up the pencils again

  45. Velgen says:

    Amazing! How do you even start at collecting those?

  46. Wow, great collection. I was really interested in sketching when I was younger. As an adult I wanted to get into web design.

  47. youtube says:

    Cool!!! I’d like it! super sketchbooks!!!, thanks for this site!
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  48. Thanks for share the art collections, it really give Inspiration.
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    thanks for these great collections, please keep up this great work

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    collections are perfectly amazing… thanx for them

  51. I love these graphics, thanks for posting.
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  52. legobutik says:

    wow, there is some pretty cool skins:)

  53. It always amazes me how people come up with some of this stuff. I really like the tshirt sketchbook. That is such a great idea if you design shirts.

  54. Thanks for this amazing work, keep it up, hoping to see some more soon.

  55. wow…these are soo beautiful, I love the designs!
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    amazing, it really give me inspiration, thanks for posting…

  58. Catfishing says:

    Great designs! My moleskine feels a bit boring now being a standard off the shelf model. Guess I better get to work!

  59. Great art and great artist. Thank you.

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    thank you so much.. i like the first sketch , anyway thanks again :)

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  94. Wow these are very nice sketches! My favorite is the graffiti ones!

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  106. I am always looking for some inspiration to use in my design and some of these are really stunning.

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    The collage ones rock the most, a big thumbs up to who made them.

    Thank you for the inspiration.

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    My favorite is the last one with the kid with the bird. Very talented, whoever drew that. Nice.

  112. Elle says:

    Nice work. One of your sketches above has inspired the perfect piping design on a wedding cake for a client. Keep on letting all the creativity flow. Cheers.

  113. Rachel says:

    I thought these were very creative and cool. It is almost hard to believe that someone actually came up with these ideas but look at them.

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  125. The Creative Suite one’s are sweet! Want one of those…

  126. Hey thanks so much for posting these unique and creative designs. I want one of those, they say a lot about my personality.

  127. Yes, totally agreed, this made me breathless. thanks for sharing.

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  132. A lot of this is pretty thought provoking stuff! I’m feeling motivated and arty after looking at some of these.I reall ylike the hand drawn stuff, it has a different perspective and is very stylised.

    Nice Work!

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    C: some artists have their work posted 5+ times in this list

    bring more variety, i know i’ve seen at least 100 sketchbooks that have left me breathless on the web, but you only have one of them presented here

    D: should be titled ‘100 photos of stuff in books and sketchbooks that i like’

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