14 Exciting Ideas for Websites that You should Employ to Create an Intuitive Website

A boring website is not anyone’s cup of tea. No one wants a site that doesn’t excite their creative juices. People want a site that will excite them, grab their attention and make them want to know what you have to offer. So what are some of the ideas for websites that you can employ to make your website more mesmerizing?

1. Give Your Visitors a Moving Experience with Videos

Most websites are static and bland. This doesn’t have to be the norm. With the popularity of HTML5, it’s now easier to add elements that make the user experience more exciting. More and more study prove that sites that make use of videos receive higher engagement than those without. In one of the studies, Diode Digital found that using video to promote your business and products are 600% more effective than a combination of print and direct mail. The study also found that 60% of site visitors watch a video before they read the text. In another study by Simply Measured found that video is shared 1200% more times than texts and links combined. You can use videos as an interactive background for your homepage. This makes your website more creative and visually appealing.

Source: http://17production.com/services/video-increases-engagement-website-conversions

2. Interactive Fonts

Fonts are a great way to make your website stand out. If you want your website to be more productive, you have to make sure that people are able to read the content you have on your website. To make this happen, use easy to read typefaces. When implementing interactive fonts go for fonts that have a space between the letters’ baseline and the top of the lower-case letters. Such fonts make your content easy to read. You can also make your content more readable by ensuring you break up long paragraphs of text into small digestible blocks because small chunks of text are easier to read. When picking a font ensure you stick to two typeface families at a time. Even with fonts, make sure that you stay consistent with your other brand elements such as print materials and social media.

3. Increase Visibility with Social Share Buttons

Social media is now a key marketing strategy that businesses cannot do without. This is because social media drives traffic to your website by sending direct links to your brand and your customers. This improves your brand relations by allowing your customers to share their interaction with your brand with their friends and families. Add social share buttons to your website to make it easy for your visitors to share your content with others.

4. Create a Custom Login WP Admin Page

The normal WordPress login page is a boring generic page that is similar for everyone. Make your website more exciting by customizing your default WP login page to make it more exciting. Do away with the bland flat gray background and basic white login box by customizing the page and show your users that you pay attention to your website details. Customizing your login page will make your site visitors more confident in your presentation and make them take more time to go through your content instead of ignoring it.

5. Make Your Site Stand Out with a Slider

Adding sliders on your website will make you grab the readers’ attention by highlighting and promoting multiple products at one time. You can place all your important information in one visually appealing slideshow at the top of your homepage to immediately seduce your visitors. To make your sliders more striking, use multiple colors and dimensions. Also, ensure that each slider frame has a different image to highlight different aspects of your products. You can find different WordPress slider plugins online that will enable you to create your own sliders anywhere you want.

6. Make Your Product Photos Stand Out

Using photos to showcase your photos is very important if you want potential customers to take interest in them. Give your product images great effects by using thought-provoking gallery images. Such images will draw people to your products and make them make the coveted purchasing decision. Don’t forget to add captions to all your images so that people don’t have to fish for more details. Go for photos that elicit feelings and are more convincing.

7. Add a Timer if you have a “Coming Soon Page” or a Sale

If you want to launch your website, get your fans excited a few weeks before the launch day. Get people talking about your site even before you launch. To do this add an interactive timer. Stir up some excitement prior to the launch to make your audience look forward to it. By creating a buzz before the launch you will be able to create potential users for your new product. This allows you to do some research to find out how the product will be received in the market. Get your readers to talk about your new site on their social networks and blogs. A countdown timer creates the “I can’t wait!” buzz.

8. Add a Flipbook to Your Homepage or Product Pages

Flipbook is not a new design strategy. This is a popular online interactive format that you can easily use to present traditional print documents in a digital manner that is easy to digest on the web and on mobile devices. This format allows users to read paper formats in a digital way without losing the paperback appeal. To add Flipbook on your website you will have to use a professional flipbook creator. This will make it possible for your users to view your documents on desktops, iPhone, iPad and Android devices.

9. Add an Extra Charm to Your Products with use of Ribbons

Other great ideas for websites include using ribbons to make your website stand out. Ribbons have totally refused to go out of style and this is because of the fact that they are visually appealing. When someone sees a ribbon on your website they’ll be curious to see what you have to offer. This is every website owner’s goal. You definitely want to reduce your website bounce rate and keep visitors on your site longer. One of the greatest advantages of ribbons is that they draw attention to your most important information. So you want people to download your e-book? Add a ribbon calling them to take the action. There are many free vector ribbons that you can choose from to make your website more exciting. Keep in mind the shape of your ribbon because it sets it apart from the rest.

10. Add Icons for the Extra Finish

Adding icons to your website makes it easy for your site visitors to navigate. When you have icons people will know what to do on your site and why to do it. Awesome set of icons prevents your site visitors from getting lost on your site and within seconds they are able to take the desired action increasing your chances of converting them into customers. Icons give your visitors the much need paragraph breaks making your content less intimidating. This makes it possible to digest and process information more efficiently. You can easily achieve this by ensuring that you use a lot of white space and use icons that augment the white space instead of distracting your users from it.

11.Boost your Website with Hi-Resolution Photos and Textures

Photos are more appealing than text and therefore web visitors will see your photos before they read your text. Make sure that you add high-resolution photos on your website. Such photos will add life to your website and also make it convert better helping you connect better with your target audience. Photos are also more convincing than text and you’ll, therefore, have more sales if you showcase your products using high-resolution photos.

12. Add a Bookmarking Tool to Save Everything

Bookmarking services are gradually becoming more common within social circles as businesses continue to find ways to increase their website’s’ popularity. Bookmarking tools are great for boosting your SEO campaigns because they increase your online exposure. Social bookmarking tools are online forms that allow your site users to save your site address in an online storage space. With these tools, users are also able to organize their favorite sites into categories and later share them with family and friends. Such tools will also facilitate the sharing of your content making content marketing easier. Web owners with interesting web content will often get mentioned more.

13. Wow your Visitors with Animation

Animation has become part and parcel of great web design used to help users know how a website works by understanding the page. This then steers your web visitors towards clicking on certain buttons to take an action such as purchasing a product. Animations are great for drawing users’ attention and help businesses to improve their conversions and ROI.

14. Pro Touch to your Website Images

You’re probably not a photographer but this does not mean that you should stick to old boring photos. Invest in professional photos that will make your website stand out. Great photos give credibility to your website because they make it stand out and gives it a professional look.

There are so many ideas for websites that can help you create just the right website that will improve your business outcome. No matter the idea you settle on make sure that it adds value to your site and gives you a return on your investment.

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