15 Innovative Desk Designs

Many modern workers spend the majority of their time behind a desk. Considering your desk is a place you may spend eight plus hours a day it should be functional, comfortable and inspiring. At least, I think so. Here is a collection of the most innovative work spaces to be found on the internet. Some of these ideas are still in development other are utilized by workers across the globe – all are intentionally designed to serve both form, function and creativity. Some desk even support embedded software surfaces which make it easy for you to connect with co workers and get your work done faster and more efficient.

1. Strates Desk

Designer: Mathieu Leaner

This interlocking storage and tabletop system is an ergonomic and beautiful work-space solution, perfect for collaborative work places.

Strates Desk strates 2

2. K Workstation – in product development

Crafted in segments from bamboo laminated plywood, this nifty space saving desk is great for a studio apartment or dorm room.

K Desk

3. The Duplex Workspace Desk

Designer: Sophie Kirkpatrick

Need some privacy? Need some air? Can’t decide what you want? This desk is ideal for a co-working or collaborative environment where sometimes you want to chat and sometimes you just need to focus.
Duplex Workstation

4. Reindeer Desk

Designer: Alex Kozynets

Inspired by the elegance and grace of the animal its named after. This desk was created to spur on creativity.

Reindeer desk

5. Treasury Table from Process

Designer: Lucie Koldova

Photographer: Martin Chum

With plenty of storage and all your tools right where you need them you’re sure to be more productive. All the drawers slide under the frosted glass table top to for a beautiful, clean, uncluttered look when you don’t need your stuff.

Treasury Table

6. Ply Like Lajko from Process

Designer: Ji?í Junek

Photographer: Kristina Hrab?tová

Three drawers and an interesting slatted design makes this desk a creative and inspiring option for a modernist office.

Ply Like Lajko

7. Desk from the Peugeot Showroom, Paris, ca. 1966

Designer: Max Ingrand

Shapely and innovative even through this desk is well over 40 years old it still looks like something from the future.

Max Ingrand

8. B-25 Mitchell Bomber Airplane Desk

Get your best thinking done on the wing of this B-25 bomber desk. A piece of aviation history in your office and it looks utterly remarkable.

B 25 Bomber Airplane Desk

9. One Less Desk

If minimalism is something you crave when looking for the perfect workspace this might be the desk for you. Gone are the days of mile-high stacks of paper cluttering up your desk. Everything is in your computer and that’s only an inch thick. So free up some space for stretching or dancing and reduce your desk space consumption by half.

One Less Desk, Office

10. Space-Age Desk

Designer: Maurice Calka

This desk was designed by the French sculptor and designer in 1969 and is made almost entirely out of fiberglass. Once again we see good design will stand the test of time.

Maurice Calka

11. Briefcase Desk

Designer: Maarten De Ceulaer

Sustainable and business themed, this desk made out of briefcases combines meets that need for space and storage all while being interesting. These desks can be customizes for your specific needs and color preferences.

BriefCase desk

12. Aura Manager Desk

Designer: Alexander Petrov

The light and friendly feel of this modern desk design is perfect for a creative space you want to spend time in.

Aura Manager Desk

13. MILK classic

Simplicity combined with functionality and beauty makes for an innovative workspace design. This desk includes compartments for your gadgets as well as cable outlets.

MILK classic desk

14. Ikea Hacker: imac Desk

Here’s an economic, space saving imac storage solution. By piecing together various ikea products you can make something simple, beautiful and functional to hold your imac.

Ikea Hacker - Imac Computer Desk

15. Also, Working Desk and Reading Arm Chair

Designer: Akin Bacioglu

A unique and multifunctional design allowing for both focused work with plenty of nooks and crannies for storage and a lounge space to sit back and get something read.

Also desk and reading chair

About the Author: Melody Stone cut her teeth on small town music journalist in Northern California and now works at custom t-shirt company Fibers.com as a writer and designer. She loves using her journalistic background to research and tells stories about beautiful design.

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