15 Inspiring Design Blogs You May Not Know About

In the creative industry, there’s nothing worse than losing the drive to work on a project from lack of inspiration. It’s a sort of writers block that all creatives experience from time to time. You’re likely familiar with the feeling: up late staring at a blank screen, whether it’s on a word processor, InDesign or just an empty piece of paper, grabbing for not-yet crystallized ideas.

In this case you’re probably surfing the internet to kill time or avoid the project at hand. Why not search for inspiration on design blogs? Below are fifteen fascinating design blogs that focus on media from current fashion to modern architecture. Check them out if you’re short on design muses.

1. Design.org

A hub for designers of all types, Design.org posts a steady stream of inspirational design work. Typography, posters, photography, industrial design, you name it. Design.org definitely has something for everyone in its vast catalogs.

2. The Future Perfect

Future Perfect presents contemporary innovative design from current artists. Most of the content featured on the site can be purchased, though it might be easier on your wallet if you just visited the site just for the aesthetics. You’ll find that the sparse but rich selection to be well worth browsing.

3. Designspiration

Like the name suggests, Desiginspiration showcases user-uploaded images meant to inspire designers and creatives. The uploaded images are moderated to ensure that only the most singularly compelling images are shared. It’s a haven of design content not found anywhere else on the web.

4. Design Within Reach

Design Within Reach is a retailer of the highest quality furniture. Most of its furniture recalls the mid-century modern aesthetic. While the site calls their wares “within reach,” they certainly cost a pretty penny. The main site’s blog has a haven of gorgeous images regarding mid-century industrial design.

5. Designboom

Designboom is another design hub featuring countless pages of inspiring images from designers all over the world. You can browse their archives for images, artist interviews, and even design competitions.

6. Etsy

A sort of homegrown designer’s eBay, Esty represents the best of DIY design and artwork. The site is inundated with handmade wares including clothing, posters, furniture, leather work, jewelry and much more. The sheer amount of custom-made work from countless artisans would inspire any person to create.

7. You Might Find Yourself

One of the most popular general design Tumblrs, You Might Find Yourself features the musings of an art director out of San Francisco. His posts range in content from the endearingly whimsical to the strikingly gorgeous in all things pleasing to the eye. It’s definitely worth a look.

8. Restoration Hardware

Another furniture retail site, Restoration Hardware is a veritable haven for interior designers. The site offers gorgeous pieces that fall under the wide reaching category of rough-hewn-but-expensive-looking. The “occasional tables” section of their inventory alone presents some of the most unique works available on the web.

9. New York Design Center

The New York Design Center has been a place for inspired design for nearly a hundred years. If you can’t check out the historic building in person, you can visit any of its nearly one hundred showrooms online by browsing the site’s catalog.

10. Svpply

Svpply is a design blog that allows users to share their favorite items of the day, from well-crafted jeans to vintage kitchenware. Its thousands of members are constantly posting new pieces that could keep you (productively) distracted for hours.

11. MoCo Loco

MoCo Loco is the go-to blog for the latest in modern contemporary design and architecture. In addition to hosting a wealth of design to sift through, the site has job listings requesting the services of capable designers.

12. Designmilk

Designmilk is an online publication that covers current events in modern design. The site boasts comprehensive features on architecture, art installations, and designers from around the world. The fresh designs found here could be just the creative jolt you need!

13. Jak and Jil

A well-regarded street fashion blog, Jak and Jil catalogs some of the most original fashions adorned by everyday people. This site is a great resource for designers looking for inspiration outside the traditional confines of graphic/industrial design. You’d be surprised at how well clothing acts as a muse.

14. Analog Dialog

A design tumblr from an up and coming Houston designer, Analog Dialog posts stunningly beautiful photos of crisp and thoughtful interior design on a daily basis. Within the tumblr archives you’ll find stark but gorgeous homes designed with a mid-century modern flair. You’ll also discover the author’s penchant for clever design; there’s always something more to see in every post.

15. Core77

Core77 is an online publication geared towards industrial design. No matter the design medium, they’re always posting eye-catching material or promulgating some intriguing design contest. Every new visit to the site will reward you with some outside the box design.

Mariana Ashley is a freelance writer who particularly enjoys writing about online colleges. She loves receiving reader feedback, which can be directed to mariana.ashley031@gmail.com.