16 Amazing Examples of Amazing Sidewalk Art

Graffiti and street art have taken on a whole new level. Many renowned artists have made their mark creating drawings, paintings, and sculptures on the public streets, sidewalks, and buildings.

Sidewalk art has recently gained quite a bit of notoriety on its own. Many artists have garnered acclaim for creating sidewalk art that defies perception — optical illusions that seem to leap off the concrete and into real life. Some will have you balancing on the edge of tall buildings, and others will have monsters leaping from out of the abyss.

Here are 10 examples of amazing sidewalk art that you have to see to believe:

Julian Beever

Kurt Wenner

Edgar Mueller

Manfred Stader

It’s amazing what can be accomplished with nothing more than a little bit of chalk and some paint! Our very perception of reality can be distorted and pushed to its limits.

What other examples of amazing 3D art have you found? Share your favorites in the comments!

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