17 Inspiring Illustrations by Alexander Tyapochkin

Alexander Tyapochkin is a Illustrator from and runs YeahYeah Studio a little freelance studio located in Moscow, Russia. As you will see, he has a very good Illustrative taste for his different pieces of art, and he loves what he does. This is definitely one guy you should keep an eye on.


Alex Tyapochkin Background: I was born and grew up in Moscow Russia. I liked the art in it different   manifestation since childhood.
Especially I was interested in modern art trends and music.
I have got a big experience and learn a lot during years of my work in advertising agencies and design studios.
From the year 2008 I am free-lancer and pay more and more attention to development of my own unique style in  graphic and illustration
which you can see in my website.



Alex Says: I try to make my works maximum colorful, emotional and dynamic with positive energy. I create bright stories using modern graphic.
I like to combine modern digital art with traditional drawing, using ink, paints and textures.
Such a way gives me maximum possibility to realize my ideas.

Check out his Portfolio for more.


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