Photography is an art and passion for those who want to show their skills in the field of creativity. Macro photography is a type of Close-up photography which focuses on shooting tiny objects. A lot of photographers try to capture the essence of very small insects and plants in the macro field.

Macro photography is the most difficult type of photography that you can master. One has to do a lot of hard work and testing in order to become a perfectionist in the field of macro photography. Marco photography also requires a high concentration level when shooting smaller objects.

I have rounded up 20 beautiful macro shots for you to garner some inspiration from. Hope you enjoy the roundup.

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  1. Apoorva says:

    The honeybee is really cute, that is some busy bee.. so much pollen!! and the colors on the chameleon and the droplets on the leaves are beautiful too .. nice collection
    PS – i wonder what the first one is, eye of… ? (or is it even an eye ?!?)

  2. KattM says:

    Whose photos are these? The first one I recognize as Thomas Shahan’s “Adult Male Jumping Spider Hiding in Leaves – (Habronattus coecatus)” would be really nice to know the credits for the rest of the photos, so that I can check out the artists’ portfolios.

  3. Aprilchabot says:

    stunning images that really show the life forms we take for granted.

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