20 Creative Digital Arts and Manipulation by Kouji Oshiro

Hector Kouji Oshiro Kochi is a 33 year-old arts degree holder major in Graphic Design. He has been working with a TV Station as a graphic designer since 2005 and performs digital illustrations as a hobby. According to Kouji in an interview done by Photoshop Tutorials, his main inspirations are science fiction, anime, manga, western comics, and even artworks from other graphic designers. His signature designs are distinguished by glowing lines and play of light such as in his Energy Beings series.

Kouji’s artworks are insanely creative and peculiarly outrageous. You’ll probably ask yourself, “Where does he get inspiration?” It is almost unthinkable how these images came out from his mind to the computer screen – but that is the power of Kouji’s creativity. The way he pays attention to detail is impressive, he makes sure that every element in his digital arts are well balanced from left to right. If you’d look at the images closely, you might even think that the balance is almost obsessive-compulsive – but that exactly is what makes Kouji’s works stand out. His works has his unique personality and character.

For all aspiring graphic designers and digital arts enthusiasts out there, Kouji is definitely someone they can look up to. Translating these to real-life application, the technique and style that he uses can be used in many print products like in advertising prints and marketing materials such as business card printing and posters. I’m sure we are all looking forward to more of Kouji Oshiro’s digital artworks. To see more of Kouji’s works, you may visit his Facebook. Here are a few to showcase:

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