20 Fashion-Forward Website Designs

Strike a (clickable) pose.

The world of fashion is all about coming up with new and unique looks, so it should come as no surprise that many fashion websites strive to push the envelope as well. Here are 20 of the best ones out there.

1. Prada

Attention hipsters and fashion lovers of the weird – Prada is your site. They’ve opted for a single splash image that changes periodically but is always (how to put this nicely) really, really out there. The actual navigation is minimized so that it only takes up a small portion of the page on the left.

2. Nookie

This Australian site has a large central image that changes like a slideshow that allows them to focus on their various lines as well as a clear, traditional drop-down navigation system at the top.

3. Free People

A large, attention-getting central picture features the same model in multiple designs, and if you scroll down, there are smaller images that link other lines and their catalogue.

4. Shop Ecko

The website of Marc Ecko is fantastic because it manages to visually show off a number of his designs in a collage-like fashion. Moreover, the fact that everything is centered gives it a nice, clean look despite the fractured nature of having multiple images.

5. Paco Rabanne

Currently, their homepage features a runway video that plays automatically and takes up two-thirds of the screen, with the left side containing their navigation. It might sound fairly basic but it makes use of slanted lines, giving it a more dramatic look – just like their fashion!

6. Abercrombie & Fitch

The models are gorgeous as always with A&F, but this site makes it a bit more tasteful by including only black and white pictures that rotate like a slideshow.

7. Armani

A line of pictures that fill the top half of the screen is the first thing you’ll notice when you load this page, and they are gorgeous. Crisp, bold, and colorful, it’s hard to draw your attention away. Even better, when you scroll over them, the line of pictures moves, showing you even more of what they have to offer.

8. Wrangler

You wouldn’t think of Wrangler as being at the forefront of fashion or design, but their website is a study in brand simplicity. Wrangler jeans are known for their toughness and durability, so the site simply features a ripped off back pocket over a white background. Quintessentially rugged.

9. Zovi

The first thing you’ll notice about Zovi’s otherwise fairly normal site is how light and bright everything is. The background is a light blue-gray that fades to white, and smaller images have almost pastel backgrounds. It really draws you in.

10. Oleg Cassini

This site does several interesting things that most sites probably shouldn’t try because they seem like they would prevent you from attracting new customers. When you’re Oleg Cassini, though, you don’t really have to worry about that. First off, the main page is just his name and the company logo with tiny pictures below that lead you to the rest of the site. Click on the first one and you’ll get a bunch of text and a “continue” link, followed by another few pages of text before you finally get to his catalogue of stunning wedding dresses. Odd, but effective in building anticipation.

11. Myla

If you’re going to have full-page images, you might as well make them of beautiful women in lingerie. Myla takes this up a step by making them clickable slideshow pictures that each feature a different style they sell.

12. Enyce

With a main page that features a man casually leaning against their video of a fashion shoot for their line surrounded in an all-white background, you immediately get a sense of the attitude of the brand and who their audience is.

13. Lacoste

When it’s done poorly, Flash can make something look very, very bad, but Lacoste gets it right. They show off a variety of their designs in images that fill up your page and keep your attention with subtle motion and animation as you scroll over them.

14. Lanvin

This one is tricky, because you think it’s going to be a simple (though stunning) splash page, but quickly that morphs into a montage of clickable images that lead you to different sections of the site and show off lines.

15. Helga Hot

With a giant image of Poppy Ruffles climbing over mountains on her hands and knees, it’s hard not to pay attention to the home page of this site, and the navigation at the top keeps it simple.

16. Vivienne Westwood

The simple white background and odd, unattractive image in the center make this seem more like the site of an avant-garde photographer than a fashion designer, but you immediately get a sense of who she is.

17. Gucci

It’s all about the product, right? Gucci seems to believe this whole-heartedly, with a site that features nice backgrounds but really focuses on the line, with bags, boots, or whatever you choose displayed in almost assembly-line fashion in the foreground.

18. Urban Originals

Looking almost like a sales ad, this site showcases models carrying the handbags and wallets they sell in groups of colorful photos that fade in and out quickly.

19. Tom Ford

Talk about a splash page. Once you choose your language, you’re taken to a mostly white page with a mostly naked woman and given the choice of navigating from the stylishly designed menu at the top or pressing play and watching a video.

20. Pierre Cardin

Great use of negative space and an incredibly fun and unique menu that visually displays images for the different sections of the site inside of simple white circle at the center of the page.

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