20 Inspiring Manipulated Surreal Faces

Your face says a lot about you. May it be eyes, lips or cheeks. When a brush is grasped in the hands of a painter or artist, extraordinary images of faces are produced. Many contemporary art forms pioneer in the art of face portraits.

An illusion, an interpretation or a simulation can be seen in the unique art of surreal faces. Leonardo da Vinci along with John Martin Will and Hans Meyer were the pioneers in the artistic portrait making of faces in a form that they depict a unique image of a human form. Hidden messages or emphases is made on one or more parts of the face to communicate the artist’s message.

Hidden aspects of the faces are enhanced in this form of art and different form of figures are used on different parts of the faces by the artists. The most common of them used are the food, animals, trees, fruits and vegetables or a landscape to give a strong hidden message by the artist.

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