20 Uniquely Creative Business Cards

Everyone would at some point or another require a business card. Be it you are a lawyer, designer or doctor, you would want your business card to make an impact on the person who is receiving it. But how do you leave an impression? Below are 20 of my all-time favorite business cards which are unique yet practical. It is bound to leave an impression! I hope it inspires you as much as it inspired me!

Get rid of the evidence you ever met the headhunter, eat it!

Can’t find the place? Print them a fold-able map!

Broken pieces of the bowl is used as a name card for a Greek restaurant.

You don’t need a fancy design or die-cut to have a good business card. This is an architect’s business card with a ruler. How smart?

This is becoming the latest trend! Scratch cards as business cards. Comes with the element of surprise. Everyone loves surprises!

Balloons for you? These balloons are from a chest physician. You need a healthy lung to be able to inflate a balloon.

A clear message from a debt recovery agent. If you don’t pay I’ll break your bones. Here’s the x-ray of my last client broken finger as proof!

Reuse old cards for a second hand shop.

Need a dentist? Clear and straight-forward, yet unique.

Talk to you later, got to floss!

Everybody loves goodies, especially when they are from a business card. How sweet and thoughtful.

Dismantle the metallic card to get the shape of a mini designer working hard at his desk.

Here is a card that can be turned into a sundial. It’s been created for an antique watch collector.

You can make the holes big enough so you can put your fingers through to complete the picture, like on this card for Yoga classes.

Viagras! Ha-ha!

It’s for an ornithologist (bird watcher) and the punch-out is in the shape of a binocular view.

Hungry? Eat the business card.

Tear the sides and poof! A 3D glasses for the 3D business card.

For dessert you can meet the guy with the fortune cookie business card. Have a bunch of people with such visiting card on your meeting and you can save on all the snacks. Just serve them water to wash all the cards down.

Are you inspired yet?

Credits to:Creativebits.org

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