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May 2011

6 Stock Photography Services Compared

Searching for the right stock photo can sometimes be like looking for a needle in a haystack. As designers, we all need stock photographs from time to time, but how do you know which service to use? Which is the best? To figure out the answer that would settle the

Sunday Illustration Inspiration #15

The purpose of this series is to inspire you creatives out there for a fresh inspirational start on Monday. Mondays are usually the worst days of the week as you have to get out of your weekend routine, however with some inspiration things could be different. This is the Sunday

33 Creative Negative Space Logos

Negative space logos strategically use whitespace to create the illusion of an object in that space. Negative space designs are effective in branding because they force the viewer to look twice to figure out what’s happening, though a well-executed negative space logo won’t require the viewer to look closely to

Giveaway: $300 in Custom Stickers courtesy of Sticker Mule

We have another giveaway on Creativeoverflow and today we partnered with Sticker Mule to give 3 readers $100 worth of free custom stickers. Sticker Mule provides high quality stickers that have been recommended by many people all across the world. Today’s contest is really simple to enter, all you have