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August 2011

40 Professional Services Logos

Professional services is a category that covers such a broad range of professions. From doctors to legal professionals to accountants and financial planners, it’s impossible to go through your day without seeing a logo that doesn’t fall under this category. What does tie these seemingly random fields together is a

30 Black Business Card Designs to Inspire

We’ve seen a lot of business card designs. The most common design would be the simplistic white cards with contact details and personal information. White somehow signifies “corporate” and “formal” so in designing cards, white have become a safety zone for many professionals. However, given that white is safe and

SohoOS – All in One Business Management Tool

Running a business seems easy when you think about it, but the reality is you have so much responsibility on your hands when it comes to the admin side of the business. Everything from quotes, client contact information, invoices, proposals, purchase tracking and more. However, now you can save quite