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December 2011

5 ‘Must-Haves’ for Custom Business Cards

Custom business cards are small pieces of paper used to memorize people. It is hard to remember everyone whom you met in your life for different purposes, in order to rectify this problem, business cards come to rescue. In this ostentatious time, it is hard to make the people stick

Merry Christmas Creativeoverflow Readers

Yet again we have come to the end of another amazing year. 2011 was filled with laughter, tears and many beers. We all had some ups and downs, yet we managed to turn around our frowns. This is us wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. We

Securing Your Firewall to Protect Your Online Activity

A computer that uses Internet cannot be fully secured unless it uses firewall software to protect your online activity. Whether it’s for personal use, or you utilize business internet plans, having a reliable firewall to go along with an anti-virus program is highly worth considering. Anti-virus software protects your computer

The Art of Hiring Freelancers as a Freelancer

As a freelance worker, you’re probably accustomed to being the last link in the chain, the person who ultimately executes the work that needs to be done. What many savvy freelancers have realized, however, is that the chain doesn’t have to end with you. The discovery that freelance work, essentially

Online Advertising: How significantly it puts Impact on Web Design?

The recent times have witnessed the tremendous increase in the trends of online advertising. It’s a kind of promotion done on the internet and World Wide Web platform. As compared to traditional ways of advertising, online advertising offers better competitive advantages as it immediately publishes the content and is not