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January 2012

20 Tools to Check Your Web Site’s Performance

The crucial factor in the successful performance of the website is its speed. One cannot neglect the fact that the internet users are impatient and looking for instant gratification. Thus if your website is not quick loading and dull in performance you are more than certain to lose out on

Sunday Illustration Inspiration #23

The purpose of this series is to inspire you creatives out there for a fresh inspirational start on Monday. Mondays are usually the worst days of the week as you have to get out of your weekend routine, however with some inspiration things could be different. This is the Sunday

14 Beautifully Designed Church Websites

Web design has come a long way, especially for churches and non-profit organizations. They initially started off with simple, ugly websites due to the lack of funding, but have been catching up ever since. Churches initially started promoting through flyer printing or other printed material, but have moved up to

Designers, Are You Blogging? You Should Be!

If the answer to the above question is no, then you really should be. Blogging offers you an outlet to vent your angers and frustrations about the graphic design industry, it allows you to interact with other graphic designers plus it can even boost your income. There is seriously hundreds

4 Key Points to Focus on for a Memorable Logo

A logo is a graphical representation for your company and is a combination of text, color and symbols. Logos can also carry as additional tagline which defines the company and speaks about its intentions. Logo designing has emerged as a marketing strategy. In today’s world of cut throat competition, one