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July 2012

How To Achieve a Lomography Effect in Photoshop

I will be teaching your two ways on how to make your photo look vintage. First is how to achieve a lomography effect in Photoshop and then there is a little bonus tutorial for you below too. This effect is sought after by many editors and photo enthusiasts and therefore

24 Graphic Designers to Follow on Google+

Designers always find ways to get inspired. They visit new places, try out new things, and find inspiration from other artists. If you’re an aspiring graphic designer, here are some worthy practitioners that you can take inspiration from. These designers have influenced and inspired many people with their awesome work.

21 Instigating Business Card Designs

We are recognized through the way we look and perceive ourselves. Therefore having an instigating business card is important. You want clients to take action when they find your business cards in the car or in their pockets. Making sure that you ultimately portray who and what you are is

65 Inspirational Mix Tape Cover Designs

Mixtape is a popular way of generating music by artists to the public. As part of this trend, a new design opportunity originated and loads of new designs were published to enhance the product. Mix Tape Wall is designed to be an online hub where designers, artists, DJ’s etc can