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August 2012

Enhancing Creativity for Business Success

Being creative is much more than being good at drawing or some other art form. It is about the ability to generate new ideas, build upon existing knowledge, find innovative ways to solve problems and discover new ways of doing things with greater efficiency and better results. Essentially, it is

16 Amazing Examples of Amazing Sidewalk Art

Graffiti and street art have taken on a whole new level. Many renowned artists have made their mark creating drawings, paintings, and sculptures on the public streets, sidewalks, and buildings. Sidewalk art has recently gained quite a bit of notoriety on its own. Many artists have garnered acclaim for creating

30 Textured Web Designs

Textures are a great way to add a touch of unique style to your website. Especially if you are using a stock template or web building tool (For more info on website building tools click here), making your website unique can be more challenging. Textures can vary in style, from

How to Enhance Creativity in School Children

When you think of creativity, you may think of excelling in the arts. While this is certainly an aspect of creativity, there is much more to it. Being creative is about finding innovative ways to solve problems, generating new ideas and finding ways to make things better to name a

6 Tips for Estimating Price Quotes

For first time freelance web designers, nothing is more intimidating then when their first client asks, “Well, what will it cost?” We all imagine the hardest part of getting a gig will be finding the client, the proposal, or the project itself. However, coming up with an accurate price is

20 Creative Design Agency Websites

Design agencies are full up nowadays. There are so many around, being a client you might just be confused to who you want to use. Being able to design anything from wedding invitations through to a dental office website design, the sky is the limit in what agencies can come

Case Study: Should a Designer be a Good Writer?

A designer isn’t by far that person that creates layouts, codes these and uploads the files as it was few years ago. Nowadays, his job is very complex and it requires many hours of intensive work and a very solid background. The programming solutions evolved and he, the designer, must

5 Steps to Designing a Digital Display

Digital displays are used across all platforms for market businesses and their products. When you walk into a jewelry store, supermarket or your closest gym. You will find digital displays marketing products and incentives for clients and customers. Now, why do you need a digital display you might wonder. Well