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September 2012

Don’t Cut Corners, Get Die Cut Business Cards

Look, when it comes to making a first impression, your business card is key. You can’t afford not to leave your client saying “wow!” This is where custom effects come in. This means embossing and foil stamping, great color, and great design. While those effects are pretty cool, the best

The Best HDR Photographs of Urban Subjects

High Dynamic Range photography produces stunning and unique pictures, perfect for making a design for the web or printed postcards appear irresistible. When photographers want to create an HDR image, they actually take several pictures (at least three) at different exposure levels, and then they use photo-editing software to combine

Setting Up a Quality Online Shop

It’s no secret that the global economy is going through difficult times. While political candidates and other civic figures claim that relief is right around the corner, many economists urge caution. The structural problems that led to this economic downturn are still largely unaddressed. Instead of waiting passively for new

How to Increase Effectiveness of Group Brainstorming

In order to run a successful business, you need to be able to successfully solve problems that arise, find ways to effectively market your products, strive to make your products and services the best they can be and also develop new ones to keep up with changing needs. At the

Brochure Printing from the Experts

Trying to get affordable brochures printed for your company or organization can be difficult – especially if you want to order online. Brochures are folded, and have many more opportunities for the printer to make mistakes in production that will leave you looking bad when you hand a mangled product