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November 2012

30 Beautiful Vector Building Arts for Inspiration

The demand for graphic representations of different elements has augmented lately. Instead of handmade painting for different objects the prospective clients prefer graphic representations of the same thing. The graphical representations of the different of the company logos or background images or any other things are much more cleaner which

The Power of Black in Web Design + Infographic

Speaking about the color black in web design it’s impossible not to mention its dual nature. There is an opinion that black is not a color but the absence of it, however, though black is sometimes considered “achromatic”, in practice, it can be called a color. Associations related to black

The Right Mix to Make the Right Website Design

Website designing is a very unique field with lots of intricacies involved. This article highlights the important things that determine the website value in terms of user preference. This site describes briefly how you can create a website which is not only more appealing but also more profitable. Website designing

30 Minimalistic Icon Sets

Minimalism is all the rage in web design at the moment. For good reason too, with the amount of information that is often required of a website, they can get cluttered up pretty quickly if you don’t keep a firm hand on the design. By cutting things back to a