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December 2012

30 Tutorials and Guides for Responsive Design

Responsive design is one of the newest trends to hit the web, and it’s a crucial technique to learn. Basically, responsive design is a technique using HTML and CSS to make websites automatically re-size for the device. Due to the number of mobile and tablet users increasing, it’s hard to

Catalog Printing Quality Makes a Difference

Catalogs are one of the most effective ways to get your products, deals, and messaging out to prospective customers. You can take your entire product inventory and put it in the hands of a prospect instantly – and with a higher return than email marketing. You see, while online shopping

10% OFF Dot Grid Books for First Ten People

Dot grid books are an essential resource for designers and illustrators, allowing them to quickly sketch down ideas to help solve problems, as well as create both low and high quality wireframes. In recent years, many designers have been using dot grid books in their creative process to help them

Website Personalization: Tailoring Website For Magnetism

We are at present living in a World Wide Web era of ruthless competition, wherein even customer satisfaction is not enough to guarantee a prolonged business existence. Over the time, users have become more proficient in terms of web surfing and internet exposure, which is why the definition of user