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January 2013

50 Inspirational Logos by Noeeko

We look at logos every single day. Whether you pick up your phone, open your cupboard or even brush you teeth, you will have looked at some form of logo. A lot of graphic designers pride themselves in their logo/identity work and it’s good that they do as the companies

Top Ten Rules For Creative People

When it comes to being a creative worker there is nothing more fun than making something that is really useful, beautiful, or both. However creative workers often get stuck in the mindset that if they do things one way and it works then they should keep looking for a better

30 Inspirational Ecommerce Web Designs

When most people think of ecommerce designs, they think of typical designs that have a vertical or horizontal category list and page after page of product thumbnails. While it’s known to be an effective structure, these type of designs aren’t particularly interesting or innovative. For modern ecommerce shops, it’s important

5 Simple Ways to Make Money Online as a Designer

In today’s market, making money online as a designer isn’t as hard as everyone makes it sound. You just need to be grounded in your skill set, believe in yourself and market like a maniac. The internet is out there to help you, you just need to find your niche