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April 2013

Understanding the Trend In Minimalism

There have been more and more sparse, sleek designs cropping up on the web; some like the new look, but others miss the skuemorphic familiarity of older, more tactile sites. If you’re not familiar with the term, skueomorphism is the practice of incorporating the look of an object that was

30 Beautiful Typography T-Shirt Designs

T-shirts are an item of clothing that everyone owns a number of throughout the world and more often than not these t shirts have designs or writing on them. Typography places a big role in the outcome of how a t-shirt design can look, if it uses some clever typography

Adobe Illustrator CS6: The Best Vector Drawing Tool

Graphic designing has earned great importance in recent years and the support of technology has made it even more popular and effective. These days’ people are using graphical images in different ways such as web designing, clothing design, gaming, animation and more. The improvement in technology has provided comprehensive support

30 Personal Premium WordPress Themes

These days, having a personal website is a great way to connect with potential clients, employers, get job offers and build your own online brand. Whereas before, creating a website either required a ton of HTML and design skills or simply relying on a very basic site, now, anyone can

9 Reasons Not to Pitch a New Website

We’re all hoping for that big website order – you know, the one that will secure your cash flow for the next six months. But is pitching a brand new site the wisest move for your business, and the right advice for clients? Winning business in today’s market is increasingly

4 Updates to Depositphotos Progress in 2012

Depositphotos is one of the fastest growing microstock photography websites in the world and has a library spanning over 13 Million+ Photos to date. Founded in 2009 with their headquarters located in Florida, Depositphotos serves customers in more than 192 countries and gives them support in 14 different languages. Now

Boost your Graphic Design Skills with Adobe Photoshop CS6

The evolution of technology has made things quite simple and easy, people these days are using different applications and tools to carry out several operations at individual as well as at industrial level. Professionals are using software in order to carry out their jobs more efficiently. Technology is making a