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August 2013

30 Abstract Traditional Paintings

When we look at what is possible in the 21st century through technology and we look back at the pre computer age, we wonder how people survived and what they did with their time…not even to mention the artists. Nowadays it’s easy to pop open Photoshop and build a beautiful

Sunday Illustration Inspiration #32: Hand-Drawn Icons

The purpose of this series is to inspire you creatives out there for a fresh inspirational start on Monday. Mondays are usually the worst days of the week as you have to get out of your weekend routine, however with some inspiration things could be different. Well this is the

Create a Free Website in Three Easy Steps with 1&1

Everyone wants a website. In the time we live in, everyone needs a website. The only problem that usually persists is that either people don’t have thousands of dollars to spend on quality design and services from a freelancer or agency. Then they are left to ramble their words or

The Evolution of Four Internet Logo Designs

Yahoo announced earlier this month that they’ll be introducing a new logo this September—departing from their current logo, which originated in 1999. The redesign is a good branding move for the internet search engine—it’s not a great idea for a company to keep the same logo throughout its lifetime. As

7 Amazing Tools for Mobile Apps Wireframing

Mobile applications are developed after a deep consideration of the user demand. The way they are designed determines to which extent they can success. To grab the attraction of millions of mobile customers these Apps should be designed using best UI. So, application developers and designing companies are extremely focusing

Clean and easy, fresh and breezy

Every once in a while it so happens that you come across a website that brings both design and functionality to a harmonious unity and stands out from all the rest. This occurrence is rare so I thought I’d share it: presents itself as a very user friendly site