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September 2013

25 Dribbble Shots of iOS7 Redesigns

iOS7 is up and running, so everywhere designers and developers have gone back to the drawing board to create new versions of apps and icons to live up to the new standard. It is also a rich opportunity to introduce new futures and possibilities. Macworld recons that some will describe

21 Inspirational Print Advert Templates Your Clients will Like

This week I had an unexpected and frustrating design experience. One of my existing clients emailed me with a request which every designer usually welcomes: “I want a new advert-look with new photos, new message and fresh new colours.” I eagerly approach this request with much enthusiasm because… I mean…

11 Trending Minimalistic Website Designs

Contrary to popular opinion, minimalism is all about selective editing. Poor minimalist designs are made by using as few elements as possible from the get-go. But the right approach is to include everything that you think the design may need, and then strip away the excess, refining your composition until

21 Beautiful Designer Workspaces

As a designer you spend a lot of time working. Whether it is drawing, planning, designing or writing, you do spend a lot of time at your workspace. Therefore making it unique, keeping it clean and having only the necessary equipment at hand is very important. Clutter doesn’t make you