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December 2013

How to Get Paid when You’re After Stock Images

Scourging the web for creative assets to use in your projects again? You’re in for a lengthy search. Usually, the quest is not completed until you’re sure that you’ve found the perfect image for the best price available. But now, there’s a much faster way to acquire beautiful images from

15 Interesting Design Concepts

I don’t know what you do to get inspiration, but sometimes trying to come up with a feasible materialization for a dim idea is really hard. As an aspiring designer, I want to create things that will amaze people but will also be considered useful. So of course, I tend

ONE MILLION Logos Designed at

Whenever a business is started, each founder has his or her milestone that they are set out to reach. In this case it was One Million online logo design creations completed through almost 20,000 contests. That is a lot of logos. There are a lot of different contest commission driven