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March 2014

12 Awesome Free UI Kits

UI Kits are real time savers for busy designers. When some fantastic UI kits are available free of cost, it gives another compelling reason to use them. We bring you 12 free, useful and aesthetically pleasing user-interface kits that you would surely treasure as a designer. 1. Android-based UI kit

How to Feng Shui Your Workplace and Free Your Design Mind

Are you starting a new business? Expanding out of your home office, or even into multiple locations? Or are you simply looking to reinvigorate your work process? As an entrepreneur, it’s really important to have a comfortable and peaceful workplace. So take some time when updating your work environment to

The Client is Always… Poster Collection

Clients. People dealt with daily by designers in order to put food on their tables. People that make the World go round. People who are always…(Insert word here). Jonathan Quintin from Bristol in the United Kingdom has created a poster collection accurately describing what a client is to a designer.

Invoicing Made Painless with FreshBooks

Dealing with business paperwork the old-fashioned way seems so archaic considering the number of helpful online tools available to small business owners these days. That’s why I gave FreshBooks a spin – it’s the #1 cloud accounting solution for small business owners – and has been a dream to use