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May 2014

Top 15 PSD To HTML Services To Use

Web designers would much prefer to concentrate on how web sites look. However, a web site must not only look amazing, it must also be user friendly, multi browser compatible it must load quickly and much more. Unless you are a coding mastermind you need to convert your page Photoshop

Ten Inspirational Quotes about Design

It always seems that most of the world’s population thrive on quotes. They seek inspiration, fulfillment and answers from these wise individuals who care to share their wisdom. I’ve gone ahead and laid out ten quotes that have motivated me surrounding design. These quotes come from different people, but pertains

The Psychology of Fonts For Logo Design

Communication is essential to every single human interaction and written communication is one of the most powerful tools yet devised by man. Amazing! But how does that relate to logo design? Think about it—when you’re designing a logo, you’re attempting to communicate multiple complex messages in the simplest form possible.

Five of Marvel’s Best Modern Merchandise

While Stan Lee continues to remaster his iconic Marvel Comic franchise through the remakes of some of our favorite superhero movies, super fans around the world will continue to buy into not only the movies, but the surrounding merchandise that comes with them. Surely Lee will be having the last

15 Hotels You Have to Visit Before You Die

I’ve had the privilege to see some beautiful places and I know I will never stop traveling until the day I let my last breath leave my body. Therefore I’ve decided to find some of the most beautiful places in the world and hotels that you need to see and