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July 2015

Design a workspace that unleashes your creativity

Creativity is one of the core values a business can thrive on to ensure that their business will continue to innovate and grow. Creativity spurs new ideas and direction. Therefore, it is important for businesses to create an environment where people within the organisation will be inspired to generate new

Empower Your Employees in 5 Easy Steps

All great leaders know the importance of having empowered employees on their team. Staff members who are allowed to show initiative tend to grow into higher performing colleagues who cope far better with the rigors of modern day business. Creating an environment of empowerment is vital if you want your

15+ Examples of Useful Freebies to Use

As a designer, you take pride in your work, and you take the time to make your presentations as professional looking as possible. Like most other designers, you constantly seek ways to work faster and more efficiently. You don’t however want the quality of your output to suffer to achieve

Addressing Five Major Concerns in SEO

SEO is a tricky area to invest in for most businesses. There are on-going strategies and tactics that continue to evolve with the constant updates and changes to Google’s algorithm. While the changes are for the greater good and improves web users ability to search information much more easily on

The Power of Colour when Developing your Brand

Colours influence our emotions in many different ways.In fact, studies have shown that a consumer’s decision to purchase a new or unfamiliar product is based largely on the brand’s colours. What colours appeal to us for some things may not necessarily attract us to others.In short, the colours you choose

How Online Sectors Can Use Promotions To Profit

If you own and operate an online company, chances are you’ve found the competition levels rising ever higher as ever more businesses make the jump from analogue and high street to the web-based business realm. Now whilst this competition could spell the beginning of hard times, one way of making