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September 2015

How Can I Get Top Quality Vectors, Without Paying Top Dollar?

If you love stock vectors, here’s a thought for you… rather than purchasing an expensive stock image subscription how about joining VectorState? is a seriously cool new image club catering specifically for vector addicts, offering access to kick-ass royalty free vector graphics for an affordable price. VectorState has a

8 Essentials to Designing Online Stores

Many people think that traffic equals sales, so the more people visit your site, the more sales it gets. This seems logical but in reality things don’t work like that. In real life traffic doesn’t necessarily mean sales. Why does it happen? The thing is that it’s not enough to

Specialized Storage Boxes for Sensitive Things

Polystyrene boxes have a great variety of advantages in the transportation of sensitive things. Boxes of the highest quality are usually standardized in their design, allowing the latest injection molding practices to produce the most useful receptacles. Polystyrene is a thermally sound insulation solution, making it an ideal transportation agent

Stamping a Positive Brand Statement for your Business through Design

Imagine running a business where you are getting customers talking and sharing experiences about what your business does and its story. Imagine if the experiences that these people are having not only improve your business’s competitiveness in the industry, but also changes the perceived impression of your business into one

25 Reasons Cardboard Boxes Are More Fun Than iPads

Technology is getting more and more involved in our children’s education, and although this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it’s important to not neglect more traditional forms of learning that’ll allow your kids to have the most fun whilst gaining an education. The benefits are undeniable of child-directed play –

What to Consider when Choosing your Food Packaging Design

Packaging for your food creations has a bigger role than that of getting food for point A to point B. What to consider when choosing your packaging design entails more than the utilitarian value of disposable food containers. Do you need packaging with a particular shape, size and made from