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May 2016

Exciting Website Design Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Whether you are a website designer or you are designing only your own website, you are looking for ways to make the site stand out. The difficulty to build great websites increases when you don’t want to take the run-of-the-mill route to website designs, but at the same time, you

9 WordPress Improvements that can Double your Conversions!

Every website owner wants to get more conversions on their website. Whether it is converting sales, enquiries or subscriptions, the more conversions that occur on the site will increase the business’s future value from sales income. If your WordPress site has struggled to get conversions, try implementing these tips that

Hackers & Health Care: Why Are Health Providers Becoming Hacking Victims?

The proliferation of cybercrime is forcing businesses around the world to strengthen their security defences. From the latest anti-virus software and enterprise-grade firewalls to private cloud web hosting featuring SSL certificates and two-factor authentication, there are countless steps a company can take. But while several hackers target multinational corporations to

How to improve your website in five easy steps

In the digital era, a bad website is unforgivable. How you appear in the digital marketplace has a huge affect on your reputation, so if you think that your online presence could be lacking then read on. There are five areas in particular that need attention, so if you follow

Is Gamification the Future of Marketing?

Using different strategies taken from other disciplines and methodologies has long been the rule rather than the exception in the world of marketing, so it makes sense that from the earliest days of web design, this approach has been used for online campaigns, too. Today, it is harder than ever