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September 2016

Continuing Success With A Little Help From Technology

If you’re an SME and you’re older than five years then congratulations are in order. About half of small businesses don’t last this long. But, as you’ll have already learned by now, standing still isn’t an option. Pat yourself on the back if you like, but don’t reach for the

26 Photos For The Home Design Enthusiasts

There are so many different aspects to a house that can make it special. The people inside it obviously are the most important, but aesthetically, and even practically, a house can be changed and altered to make it totally amazing. If you’re building a house from scratch, you have the

22 Wedding WordPress Themes That Will Make You Say I Do!

I have yet to experience this, but what from I’ve been told, wedding planning can be very stressful. You need to put time and effort into the budget, organizing your wedding party, the invite list, reserving a venue, the catering and decoration, and a million other things. Well, it’s a

Feeling Blue? Here’s 26 Logos Just For You!

Logo creation and design is actually quite a science. Besides the design of the logo, other factors come into play, such as the logo’s color. You might have noticed that many of today’s logos (specifically tech companies) are blue. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, WordPress, Vimeo, IBM, and Dell are just a

How to Stay Creative When You Write for a Living

Are you worried about losing your creative touch when you write? This problem affects a lot of writers and it can prevent you from working to your full potential and delivering high-quality content. However, there are ways to prevent this from happening. Below are some of the most effective ways

32 e-Commerce Themes That Will Make You Want To “Add To Cart”

E-commerce is becoming absolutely essential in today’s business world. 2/3 companies are selling online, with 80% of internet users having made a purchase online (50% of whom have made multiple purchases.) Not only does e-commerce provide convenience, but it also gives customers variety and options. E-commerce is without a doubt