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December 2016

Basic Guidelines: How to Order a Custom Written Essay

There are many reasons to buy a custom written essay. Perhaps, despite best intentions, your course or school load has become overwhelming. Maybe an important, well-researched report is required at work, but there is little time for its preparation. Whatever the reason for outsourcing your writing work, you will want

Free Resources for Street Photographers

Imagine, you’re in an unfamiliar area, snapping some photos when you see the perfect subject. They’re in a perfect position, standing in the perfect light, you have one chance, and the picture is overexposed. Worse yet, the person becomes angry at having their picture taken, and you’re forced to delete

Travel Diary Part #1 – 21 Travel Photos

Right now, I’m sitting at home wishing I was traveling. Luckily, I’ll be flying to the other side of the world in just a few weeks, but I figured that there are others out there who aren’t facing this same reality. I thought I’d help out a bit (or potentially

23 Bright & Glowing Neon Sign Logos

The science behind a neon sign is actually quite interesting. According to a post on, Neon signs are glass tubes bent into letters or shapes, and the type of gas combined with the color of the glass determines their color. Different gases produce different colors. Neon emits red light,

Christmas Celebrations at Lucky Pants Bingo

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle all the way! This is the perfect song for the moment, with the festive season already on. Christmas is the celebration of love, care and a good time to share. Everyone is on the run to buy Christmas gifts, or to plan Christmas Dinner. But

25 Jaw Dropping Sunset Photos

If you’ve ever seen a sunset that has taken your breath away, you’ll appreciate this collection. I’m sure there’s a fairly well-known scientific reason as to why sunsets look the way they do, but I’m perfectly happy to just watch in awe. Huffington Post actually listed the top 5 best

24 Vintage Style WordPress Themes

Trends and styles are forever cycling (well… to a certain degree.) In the early 2000’s, baggy and loose fitted clothing was very trendy. There have been bright color phases, lots of denim, and more recently, the ‘hipster’ old-school (vintage) look. Likewise, in the early 2000’s the internet was still fairly