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March 2017

21 Photos Of NYC At Its Finest!

There’s no doubt that New York city is one of the most interesting places in the world! From the Statue of Liberty to the Empire State Building; there’s no shortage of incredible sights and landmarks. Here’s 10 quick facts on the great city of New York, courtesy of Buzzfeed: Pinball

28 Muscle & Fitness Logos

Just got back from the gym and thought I’d throw together a collection of muscle and fitness logos for your inspiration! But first, here’s 10 quick facts about muscles: Muscles make up about 40% of total body weight. If all of the muscles in the body could all pull in

3 Well-designed Betting Websites

Just as betting websites are made to serve individuals looking for the possibility to place bets online. One of the major features to know about is that every bookmaker operates the way they decide to. In other words, a bookmaker can decide which kind of sports he wants to cover,

24 Delicious Dairy Designs

I’ve put together a collection of 24 delicious dairy designs for this week’s graphic design roundup. But first, here’s 10 quick facts about dairy courtesy of America’s Dairyland: Per capita ice cream consumption in the U.S. is about 19 pounds per year. The average milk production per cow in the

Creation and Distribution of High-Quality Content

We live in the age of the internet, and the internet is essentially a huge free encyclopedia of knowledge. This knowledge is provided in a variety of different ways, all of which come under the umbrella term of “content”. Content marketing is a hugely successful way of developing websites and

28 Clean n’ Green Environmental Designs

Society has never been more environmentally conscious then it is today in 2017. Many companies, organizations and individuals are putting in serious efforts to ‘go green’ and take strides to reduce environmental footprints. Sustainability and conservation is absolutely crucial if we want to preserve the earth for future generations. Interested

40 Typography Based Logos

Typography is defined as “the art or process of printing with type” ( It truly is an art and can be the difference between success and failure. For example, logo typography is all about appealing to your target market in the form of letters and type. A certain style of

25 Incredible Icelandic Photos

I’m not sure why, but Iceland has been surfacing quite a bit in my life as of late. Maybe it’s because my older sister just went on vacation there which has made my brain notice the word ‘Iceland’ more. I really don’t know. But whatever the reason, Iceland is definitely

How Co-Branding Is Increasing the Popularity of Online Casinos

The presence of innovative gaming experiences and co-branding contribute to the amplified attractiveness of online casinos in the past few years. In the industry of gaming, the creation of uniquely themed slots with great features has been achieved with co-branding. This is why the slots now can include icons, characters,