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March 2017

21 Photos Of Poppin’ Red Street Art

There’s no denying that Street Art, or graffiti, has its time and place. It can either be a work of art, or it can be illegal vandalism and an eyesore. Street artist Banksy has made graffiti more relevant with his artwork, often targeting political policy and making social statements. I’ve

How to Start a Vlog on a Budget (Tutorial)

Vlogs have become more and more popular over the last year and have seen well-known people start daily Youtube Shows about their lives for other people to watch and follow along. Now a lot of people think that you need the most expensive cameras out there to make a good

Outdoor Opticals: Top Android Apps for the Nature Photographer

These days, if you want to pursue a hobby as a nature photographer, there’s no need to carry a bulky camera, tripod, and extra lenses. You can use your smartphone to capture pictures like never before. If you’re looking for a phone that will take quality pictures, consider a Sony

28 Beard & Stache Logos

I’ll be honest. These logos are super cool, but I have no idea how to introduce them. So instead of blabbing on, here’s 10 facts about facial hair! On average, a man’s beard will grow 5.5 inches per year. If you were to put down the razor and stop shaving

The Advantages of PIC Microcontrollers

Microchip’s PIC Microcontrollers are one of the most versatile tools you can use within an electronic because they offer flexible memory technologies and can support various hardware and software. We are therefore looking at the many advantages to 8-bit, 16-bit and 32 bit PIC MCUs. Superb Speed Capacity The 8-bit,

19 Photos Of All Things Vintage

For some reason I find myself occasionally wishing that I grew up in the olden days. When I say olden days I picture a time similar to the era that Back to the Future was based. I often wish that I could of experienced a simpler and more basic time.

22 Attention To Detail Designs

When it comes to design, you can take two approaches; complex or simple. A simple approach would look something like the nike logo, or a minimalistic mockup. This can be very appealing and definitely has its time and its place. But on the contrary is a more complex design. An