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May 2017

People Buy from Companies They Trust

Corporate culture permeates throughout an entire organisation. It can be your best advertisement or, if the culture and behavior are not in line with best practices and fair and competitive business operations, it can cause a company to lose its identity and focus and ultimately fail. Committed to Customers Shouldn’t

Learn How You Can Best Use the Latest CMS In 2017

To begin with, it would be wise to understand what is meant by the acronym CMS. Depicted as Content Management System, it simply implies that you can deal with content right from your website. It does not really matter how small or big your business is; the CMS software is

30 Crazy Colorful Logos

Sometimes you just need a bit of POP to attract attention to your logo, and nothing pops quite like a splash of color. Added color can actually scientifically increase your logos attention. Check out these 10 quick facts about color from UCREATIVE: The world’s most popular color is blue./li> Red

28 Mind-Blowing Photo Manipulations

Honestly, this is my favorite roundup so far! I find these manipulations so cool and creative. Huge shoutout to the artists involved for supplying us with the below masterpieces. From manipulating the human form, to tech and social media, to a not-so-simple coffee cups; you’ll see it all in this