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August 2019

5 Tips for Designing a Creative Storefront Sign

A storefront sign is an essential marketing component for any retail store. It is an avenue for you to communicate and guide potential customers to your business. Most retail signs contain details such as the store’s name, the products or service offered, the operating hours, and even discounted deals. Still,

Best virtual reality apps for 2019

A lot of people out there tend to think that virtual reality is only for video games, films, and casino online America games. However, this is not true as recent developments show an increase in VR apps. In this article, we focus on a few of the best virtual reality

Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality Games

Virtual Reality has slowly stepped into the scenes. Such that everything that we do is now slowly evolving around virtual reality. Be it the games we play or the exercises that we do, we are slowly but surely stepping into a whole new world. However, despite this fact, there’s also

How to Apply Maximalist Design to a Small Living Space

Unfortunately for everyone who owns a smaller home, minimalism is out. That means that the simplicity common to modern and Scandinavian styles is outdated, and the larger, louder design of maximalism is in. But, how can a small living room successfully capture the maximalist look without feeling cramped and cluttered?