21 Frozen Lake Photos

One of my coolest frozen lake experiences was in Invermere British Columbia, Canada a few winters ago. Lake Invermere is fairly big, 8.43 km² to be exact, but that wasn’t the interesting part. What blew my mind was when I chucked a rock onto the ice, the lake made a crazy laser gun sound. It’s hard to describe if you haven’t experienced it for yourself, but I suggest you watch this video of something similar.

Anyways, not only can a frozen lake sound cool, they can also look spectacular. Take a scroll through the collection below. Case in point.

Credit to respective artists.

credit:Rajdip Mukherjee

credit:Kristian Sekse


credit:Karl Dyer

credit:Louise Milburn

credit:Cory Disbrow


credit:Andrew Smith



credit:Frédéric Le Duigou

credit:Roger Harrison

credit:Nathaniel Reinhart

credit:Dambe Dei

credit:Konstantin Voronov

credit:Elizabeth Sallee Bauer

credit:Carol Anne


credit:Stephanie MJ


credit:Al Fed


Next time you come across a frozen lake, I recommend throwing a rock over the ice. If you can’t, then just sit back and enjoy the view! You won’t be disappointed either way.

I hope that you enjoyed this week’s photography roundup! Thanks for stopping by!