21 Funny Photo Manipulations that will Lighten your Mood

Photo manipulation is the art of putting together different photos and/or graphics to create something new. Through this, people get to let your imagination flow and turn your wildest dreams into reality. Photo manipulations never fail to entertain because these serve as a visual feast for viewers since these showcase unbelievable and aesthetically-appealing graphics.

The best thing about this art is that the possibilities are endless. You can play with images of places, things, animals and all kinds of people including famous personalities. Celebrities, animals and even ordinary people are often the victims of photo manipulations because through this, people are given the chance to mock and make fun of them. Here is a collection of photo manipulations that will surely make you laugh out loud. Enjoy!

Jian Co is a journalist at heart. She’s addicted to photography, fashion, design, and anything cute. Currently, she works as a content marketing specialist for Printrunner.com, a company that prints stickers and other promotional materials. She writes articles about marketing and design for the said website.