23 Bright & Glowing Neon Sign Logos

The science behind a neon sign is actually quite interesting. According to a post on Reference.com,

Neon signs are glass tubes bent into letters or shapes, and the type of gas combined with the color of the glass determines their color. Different gases produce different colors. Neon emits red light, xenon beams like the noon sun, helium glows yellow, krypton washes with white, and argon combined with mercury vapor emits blue. A gas such as blue-glowing argon gas is put in a yellow tube to create green light. When argon is placed in blue glass, dark blue light is created.

So the next time you see a neon sign, just know that there is much more going on then what meets the eye.

I’ve put together a collection of 23 neon sign logos for your inspiration. Enjoy!

Credit to respective artists.

neonsign-1credit: Brian Steely

neonsign-2credit: Karli Ingersoll

neonsign-3credit: Amy Hood

neonsign-4credit: DUSK

neonsign-5credit: Jen Adam

neonsign-6credit: Chimera Studio

neonsign-7credit: Ryan Slater

Processed with VSCOcam with g2 presetcredit: Michael Fugoso

neonsign-9credit: Michael Jolly

neonsign-10credit: W A L K I N G S T I C K

neonsign-11credit: Jens van der Lugt

neonsign-12credit: Justin Marimon

neonsign-13credit: Bryant Castro

neonsign-14credit: Carly Tobias

neonsign-15credit: Sindy Sinn

neonsign-16credit: Keith Greenstein

neonsign-17credit: Ashley Southern

neonsign-18credit: Kelvin Kottke

neonsign-19credit: Robin Andersen

neonsign-20credit: Jordan Stambaugh

neonsign-21credit: Chaoticâ„¢ (Otto Greenslade)

neonsign-22credit: Keith Greenstein

neonsign-23credit: Michael Currie


Neon signs speak of nightlife and have a retro/vintage type vibe to them. If your brand displays either of these, a neon sign logo could be very appropriate. The neon sign isn’t restricted to the doorways of old pubs and clubs.

I hope that you enjoyed this logo design roundup! Thanks for stopping by!