24 Graphic Designers to Follow on Google+

Designers always find ways to get inspired. They visit new places, try out new things, and find inspiration from other artists. If you’re an aspiring graphic designer, here are some worthy practitioners that you can take inspiration from. These designers have influenced and inspired many people with their awesome work.

Mike Rohde

Based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Mike Rohde has created 88 custom illustrations for the New York Times bestseller, REWORK, from 37signals. He has also created custom illustrations for other companies. You can check out his work in his own blog.

Daniel Burka

Daniel Burka is a web designer from San Francisco. Having worked for Digg for 4 and a half years as a creative director, he is currently a designer and co-founder of Milk Inc. and Silverorange.

Chetan R

From Manipal, India, Chetan R is the head designer and founder of Cheth Studios. His strong passion for animation and design which began when he was in high school drove him to create one of the popular design communities in the web.

Ronald Bien

Twenty-four year-old Ronald Bien founded NaldzGraphics.net, a website for graphic designers. He started his website as his own portfolio, but he later on turned it into a blog where he shares his designing experiences and techniques.

Alireza Yavari

An expert in e-commerce expert and artist in his own right, New York-based Alireza Yavari is the CEO and co-founder of +Interactive. He has created a lot of designs that you can check out in his portfolio. He is an expert in UGI, UX and Interactive design and knowledgeable in HTML, CSS, Java and other languages.

Juan Pablo Sarmiento

Juan Pablo Sarmiento from New York is a web designer and founder of various websites like iconshock.com, webdesignshock.com, themeshock.com and boxofbundles.com. Juan thinks of himself as a WordPress addict.

Chris Coyier

Chris Coyier is a web designer working for Survey Monkey. His education in ceramics and graphic design has led him to work for Chatman Design, where he works as a web designer, and for Wufoo.

Fabio Sasso

A graphic designer from Brazil, Fabio Sasso works as a senior designer for Google and has founded Abduzeedo.com which means “abducted” in Portuguese. Abduzeedo features his experiments in what he calls his “abduction” by the world of design.

Calvin Lee

Calvin Lee is a design guru and the creative director of the award-winning Mayhem Studios. His contributions in the world of graphic design has earned him a number of international design awards and he even got featured in several books (Big Book of Design Ideas, Creativity Self-Employed, Big Book of Layouts and many more).

Nicholas Patten

Nicholas Patten, a video editor, graphic designer and CEO/founder of Spatik Media, is responsible for the iPad application called Spatik. This self-taught designer promotes free education by encouraging people to learn tutorials online.

Kendy Louwaars

Spending 10 years to find out what he actually wants, Kendy Louwaars started a business by combining graphic design and marketing under the name Zenslide but later “re-branded” to his one-man-army company, Real Talk – Creative Communication, a company that designs and creates web presentations.

Jacob Cass

Jacob Cass is a famous blogger/graphics designer who owns an awesome website called JustCreative.com. His passion for logo designs has helped him achieve numerous awards. He also owns two incredible websites besides JustCreative.com (LogoDesignerBlog.com and LogoOfTheDay.com).

Joshua Porter

Joshua Porter from Massachusetts is an interface and UX Designer of Bokardo, 52weeksofUX and Hubspot. He even wrote a book called “Designing for the Social Web”.

Brian Hoffsifs

The lead designer of KMi Inc Brian Hoffsifs is a flash designer who is an expert in animation, instructional illustration and diagrams. Brian used to lived in the city of Prague, which what you can describe as a haven for any artist.

Andrew Houle

Andrew Houle is one of the astonishing web developers in the field. Being a perfectionist, Andrew always strives to give his best for his clients. You can check out his website, AndyHoule.com.

Graham Smith

Any logo designer would know who Graham Smith is. His 24-year-experience in logo design and branding identity design has earned him the title the “Logo Smith” His website ImJustCreative.com features all his mind blowing designs.

Andrew Kelsall

Andrew Kelsall is a passionate graphics designer from the UK who specializes in print designs for brochures, leaflets, creative posters etc. Andrew is a BA graduate from the famous Coventry School of Art and Design in UK.

Wolfgang Bartelme

Owner of Bartelme Design, Wolfgang Bartelme is a UI and graphics designer from Graz, Austria. His small design company creates one of the best user interfaces and icons for Apple applications.

Dave Shea

Dave Shea of Vancouver is the creator of one of the incredible sites called CSS Zen Garden. He is also the founder of the one-man studio called Bright Creative. His website, BrightCreative.com, showcases some of his best works.

Mike Lane

Mike Lane is a senior UX architect and designer from Eden Prarie, Minneapolis. He has been in the business for 15 years, which has led him to work for Milestone AV Technologies and his current career in Kroll Ontrack where he works as a UX designer.

Misty Belardo

If you watch or have watched PodJamTV, then you will know who Misty Belardo is. She is one of the best in graphics and avatar design. She currently works as a project manager in Barefoot Proximity.

Lauren Rogers

Rogers is a graphics designer from Staunton, Virginia. She is a senior graphics designer and art director for American Shakespeare Center and works as a photographer for her own business, Lauren D. Rogers Photography.

Bill Bitner

Bill Bitner is a creative director for SnapRetail and has worked for Brady Communications as an art director and multi-media producer in 1999. He has a passion for design, animation, branding, video and culture.

Lars Clausen

Lars Clausen from Denmark is a graphic designer and an incredible photographer. He has his own company called Icnetmedia. His stupefying pictures that are simply wonderful are showcased here.

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