24 Massive & Majestic Mountain Photos

Mountain ranges are quite spectacular, not only in beauty but also in the way they are made. The rocky mountains in North America for example were formed more than 100 million years ago when two tectonic plates collided and gradually pushed the earth upwards into the magnificent mountain range we see today. Similarly, Everest was made approximately 60 million years ago when the land mass of India moved northward toward the continent of EuroAsia.

The vast size of some of these mountain ranges is incredible. The top 6 longest mountain ranges in the world are:

  1. Andes- 7,000 km by 500 km
  2. Southern Great Escarpment- 5,000 km by 300 km
  3. Rocky Mountains- 4,800 km by 300 km
  4. Transantarctic Mountains- 3,542 km by 400 km
  5. Great Dividing Range- 3,059 km by 650 km
  6. Himalayas- 2,576 km by 350 km

Truly incredible! I’ve put together a collection of 24 beautiful mountain photos. Enjoy!

Credit to respective artists.

mountain-1credit: Tony

mountain-2credit: Tony

mountain-3credit: Tony

mountain-4credit: Tony

mountain-5credit: Tony

mountain-6credit: Tony

mountain-7credit: kcxd

mountain-8credit: Tony

mountain-9credit: Tony

mountain-10credit: Tony

mountain-11credit: ?ukasz Lech

mountain-12credit: Giles Williams

mountain-13credit: Marie Sahlén

mountain-14credit: Abdul Rahman

mountain-15credit: oatsy40

mountain-16credit: Eugeniy Golovko

mountain-17credit: Tom Hall

mountain-18credit: Sarah Meyer

mountain-19credit: Tony

mountain-20credit: Gaurav Rawat

mountain-21credit: a.dombrowski

mountain-22credit: Tony

mountain-23credit: Pat Dryburgh

mountain-24credit: Camilla


Huge shoutout to Tony for the majority of the photos. I hope that you enjoyed this week’s photography roundup! Thanks for stopping by!