24 Vintage Style WordPress Themes

Trends and styles are forever cycling (well… to a certain degree.) In the early 2000’s, baggy and loose fitted clothing was very trendy. There have been bright color phases, lots of denim, and more recently, the ‘hipster’ old-school (vintage) look.

Likewise, in the early 2000’s the internet was still fairly young; and sites looked the part. Think of the original Facebook or MySpace. But just like fashion trends, the online world (depending on where you look), also goes through phases and trends.

Where 10 years ago a vintage themed site might of looked out-of-place and ugly, today that is definitely not the case. A vintage theme paired with a blog, portfolio, service/product based site, or agency is incredibly trendy in 2016.

Follow the trend and check out the 24 Vintage Style WordPressThemes below. Enjoy!

Vintage Immersed | $39


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Retro | $59


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Vintage Wedding | $59


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Monaco | $59


Monaco is light and bright multi-purpose WordPress Theme which follows the trendy design and combination of pure elegance. It is slightly inspired by vintage style, Monaco stresses in simplification but user-friendly approach. The theme provides you 17 beautiful homepage layouts which are suitable for different purposes.
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Cabin | $59


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GOLDEN | $49


GOLDEN is a beautifully elegant, visually stunning, and multi-functional vintage inspired WordPress theme. Perfect to use, from freelancer to agency, and everything in between. The template is fully responsive, and looks amazing on your Smartphone, Tablet, and Desktop. Beautiful typography, minimal, but elegant vintage styling, subtle CSS3 effects, and those small details that really make you stand out from the crowd.
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Benissimo | $59


«Benissimo» is the WordPress template, which is made in a vintage style. Keeping pace with the times we offer a truly high-quality solution. Combined with a thoughtful and carefully elaborated design, «Benissimo» will leave no one to be indifferent. Using this theme you can not only increase conversions quality and number of positive reviews but also make a pretty good surprise to your customers.
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TrendBlog | $49


Trendblog is a creative, vintage & elegant blog ideal for write your stories. The theme is totally responsive so it adapts to your style as well as the device its viewed on. Trendblog is WordPress theme packed with tons of features, with 1 Click Installer and include 6 months support. With elegant and intuitive design, you can easily create a website that will put your best work first. Coded with HTML5 & CSS3 all of Trendblog features including animations and effects are elegant and purposeful with a focus on your content first.
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Retro Portfolio | $49


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Modern Vintage | $44


Modern Vintage is the first Indieground Design WordPress theme. As the name says, we tried to combine a vintage style with a modern web layout to showcase in a very cool way your business. Great for agencies and creative artists, photographers, bloggers and also other great activities like bakeries, record stores, apparel clothing labels. Use this fantastic theme to give to your website the retro touch you’ve always looked for.
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Extinct | $59


Extinct is a WordPress Portfolio theme delicately handcrafted to meet the needs of a creative agency or similar businesses. The name Extinct is derived from the fact that this theme is a celebration of old style, popularly known as Vintage and Retro style designs and incorporates various unique design elements inspired by these styles.
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Life Gate | $44


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TaxiPress | $39


TaxiPress WordPress Theme – is a taxi driver theme, for people who have a taxi business or companies that offer taxi service. This WordPress theme comes with lovely vintage layouts. You can create a magic website, you can play with options and enable or disable block if this is permitted with theme settings.
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FlowVin | $59


If you are looking for some classical, tender, romantic and vintage for your website, FlowVin is what you need. Especially perfect for fashion, photography or flower shop website, FlowVin will never disappoint you with WooCommerce.
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Northern Gentleman | $49


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RetyX | $27


RetyX is a Blog and Portfolio WordPress Theme in retro and vintage design. It is suited for users who want to run a professional or personal blog and wants to showcase your products, services or news in a creative and unique manner.
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Pure Retro Portfolio | $44


Pure Retro Portfolio is a fully responsive WordPress theme. This theme is a One page (or single page) Vintage theme for artists who want to display your work to clients. It is build for photographers, video artists, web design companies, and anyone with a create passion they want to show the world.
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Salon | $59


Impressive vintage design with its engaging contents will make your website a real standout, and your barbershop/tattoo shop won’t leave any man (and woman, too) indifferent. Salon was created to serve as hairdresser’s portfolio, blog on barberging/hairdressing, hair salon’s or beauty shop’s website.
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Flipgo | $39


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Admiral | $59


Admiral is evaluated as my most unique responsive Multipurpose WordPress theme for websites with clean and modern design. Admiral will be a subtle and smart choice for business owner to show their best services. There is no doubt that Admiral will make your work look more impressive and attractive to viewers. Designed on grid system, your site will look sharp on all screens.
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Berger | $59


Berger was created to serve as hairdresser’s portfolio, blog on barberging/hairdressing, hair salon’s or beauty shop’s website. The theme offers an easy manageable homepage layout that can be adjusted using shortcodes and custom widgets.
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Borderland | $59


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Moose | $59


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Vigor | $59


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I hope that you enjoyed this weeks WP theme roundup! To cap of this article, I’ve put together a few hipster jokes:

Q: Why did the hipster burn his tongue?
A: Because he ate his food before it was cool.

Q: How do you drown a hipster?
A: In the mainstream.

Q: How much does a hipster weigh?
A: An instagram.

Q: Why do hipsters love ice?
A: Because ice was water before it was cool.

Have a great week everyone!