25 Amazing Motion Graphics Animations/Videos

Motion graphics is a pretty niche industry among designers, requiring a great deal of extra training. But the pay off can be worthwhile, with less competition and a great deal of jobs out there: advertisements for everything from sports to consumer electronics, animated and live action movies, and music videos.

Motion graphics gives you a broader canvas to create on as it comes with all the dimensions of regular design plus the ability to manipulate and interact with objects in each scene as the animation plays.

In this post, we present you with 25 mind blowing motion graphics videos that we hope will inspire you to learn more about this artform.

1. 3D Logos

2. Discovery History Branding

3. Conan O’Brien // Kinetic Typography

4. Gaia10

5. Cartoon Network Halloween Special

6. Clear Water

7. Form Flow

8. Honda Drive

9. Kontrast

10. Zeroing

11. The White Rabbit

12. Triangle

13. The Ambient Life

14. Fox

15. Merak

16. AXN

17. 30 Motion

18. This Unpredictable Life

19. Beer

20. IBM Systems

21. MK Adagio

22. ideal

23. OFF 09

24. FITC



If a picture says a thousand words, who knows how many a video says. The art of motion graphics is truly a medium designed for great storytelling, with the ability to incorporate animation, sound, and the story itself. Tell us about your favorite examples of motion graphics in the comments below.

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