25 Beautiful Photographs Resembling Greeting Card Moments

Photography being an art or science has long been a debatable matter. Some say it’s an art because it’s a form of self expression. It gives the photographer a sense of freedom and it stirs aesthetic emotions. Others say it’s simply the mechanical process of reproducing an image captured through a radiation-sensitive medium. However, does it really matter whether it’s an art or science?

I think not. In my opinion, the simple truth behind photography is that through its principles, we are able to capture the greatest moments in our lives. We are able to immortalize what’s supposed to last for a split second. Whether it’s an art or science holds no bearing. What’s important is, you have preserved a moment and made it last a lifetime.

Share these moments with your friends and family. Remind them of how they felt and make them feel even more special by writing your sentiments. Instead of printing ordinary photos, print your photographs on greeting cards and double its significance to your loved ones. Here is a roundup of 25 greeting card moment photographs to inspire you. Enjoy!

Elmor Go, though he doesn’t look like it, is a geek at heart. He likes scouring the internet for fantastic artworks both conventional and radical. He’s a blogger for the UPrinting network. He writes about custom business cards, brochure designs, and catalog printing.