25 Best Photoshop Video Tutorials

Photoshop’s all about the visuals, so it’s no surprise that it makes for some good videos. You can see step-by-step how buttons, collages or even paintings are created. Instead of reading through books describing what needs to be selected, activated and clicked, you can simply imitate mouse clicks knowing exactly that you are actually doing the right thing.

We’ve searched through many of video-sites, forums, articles, blogs, portfolios and communities. And we selected 25 Best Photoshop Video Tutorials which you can use as a starting point to improve your skills. Enjoy! :)

1. Matrix Bullet-Time & Zombie

What would happen if you mix Matrix with Zombieland? To find out, let’s use Photoshop’s 3D feature and a few nifty tricks to create a bullet-time scene combined with horrific atmosphere and zombies!

2. Dazzling Photoshop Smoke Unicorn

Create an Unicorn out of smoke using Photoshop CS5’s New feature – Puppet Warp, and add dazzling effects to finish!

3. Rippling Underwater Explosion

Create a spectacular rippling exploding underwater effect and blending a sexy girl into the water with just a few simple steps!

4. Atmospheric Comic Book Effect.

Create a highly stylized and sexy artwork by following a few simple steps! Inspired by Max Payne and Sin City.

5. A Designer’s Way to Bevel & Emboss Typography

Learn good use of bevel and embossing features that does not come off amateur-like. Useful as a foundation to make a stylish 3D typography.

6. Mystical Moonlight Effect

Effectively turn a day time image to a night time and create a mystical moonlight effect.

7. Actions to Awesome Abstract Artworks

A cool way to use Actions to create really awesome abstract artworks.

8. Ice Age Disaster

A great method to add Ice or Snow to your photos or turn an ordinary scene into an ice age disaster!

10. Digital Bokeh

How to create a bokeh effect in photoshop.

11. Create Smoke in Photoshop

This tutorial show you how to create smoke in photoshop.

12. Enhance your Photos

Learn how to make your photos look amazing.

13. Neon Effect with Light Effec Animation

How to create a very nice and simple neon effect in photoshop without using the outer glow layer style and create a basic animation.

13. Scrapbooks

Tutorial how to create scrapbooks from Paper file and the Sticky Tape file

14. Heroes Style Eclipse

How to create solar eclipse image in a slightly retro style

15. Neon Text

Learn how to transform a simple piece of text into an unbelievable glowing neon, complete with wall mounts and a brick wall to hold it up.

16. Tiny Planets

Guide to help you make Tiny Planets of your very own

17. Apple’s Aqua Wallpaper

Learn how to create Apple’s famous Aqua wallpaper in just a few minutes

18. iPhone icons

Learn how to create the glass style iPhone icons and buttons.

19. Holy Mountain Scene

How to create a godly scene in Adobe Photoshop.

20. Doomed world

Explaining how to create the image of a doomed world.

21. Creating & decorating a 3D text

How to create a nice 3D text and how to decorate it.

22. Super-Malleable Effects with Colorful Lines

How to create these fantastic colorful effects using only Photoshop and compose illustration with these effects.

23. Camera with Light Streaks

Create a digital illustration of a digital camera using light streaks.

24. Feathered Crow Illustration

Create this crow illustration using just a few tools and resources.

25. Touching Story Scene

Create a story scene using photo manipulation and a lot of color adjustments.


Photoshop tutorials are especially popular due to the complexity of the popular program. Hope you will learn and imrpove your skills from these excellent resources.

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