25 Dribbble Shots of iOS7 Redesigns

iOS7 is up and running, so everywhere designers and developers have gone back to the drawing board to create new versions of apps and icons to live up to the new standard. It is also a rich opportunity to introduce new futures and possibilities. Macworld recons that some will describe the new iOS7 only as a “palette swap” with thinner lines and text where there used to be buttons and simpler icons. In some instances they say it’s true, but they recon this upgrade to be a large success and in essence it has stripped the system down to the very essence of what iOS is.

I’ve taking a stroll over to Dribbble to see what I can find and made a random selection of 25 shots with icons and layouts to produce a variety for you to have a look at.


vk_ios7_full-view Redesign_iOS7_Big realpixels2 RealPixels rdio_ profile_1 pin_options_screen nikeios7_redesign iOS-7-WhatsApp-Redesign_Chats iOS7-Retina iOS7-Reimagined-Pixels ios7-redesign-by-ida-swarczewskaja iOS7-HD ios7-dark ios7-control-center-render iOS7-Calendar-retina 640x1136 facetime feed_facebook_ios7_unity_full ig_concept_wip instagram_pres_1 ios7_homescreen_redisgn ios7_icon_redesign_by_ida_swarczewskaja ios7_redesign_BIG iOS7-AirDrop-Large

Pieter Els is a graphic designer at Inconcept Media, Jeffreys Bay. He kicked-off his career with extensive research and design of learning material for print, presentation and online learning. After a successful career in this field, he decided to turn back to his original choice he studied for and gain experience in both print and online design for the retail industry. After running his own studio for a while, he decided to join a team in a ever growing technological environment.