25 Editorial Illustrations

The Job of an editorial illustrator is to create images that grab a readers attention and engages them in the topics being discussed. When it comes to producing a magazine or newspaper, the worded content is just the beginning. The overall design of the product must entice and highlight the article’s importance as well as providing a beautiful aesthetic to the style. Historically, editorial illustrations are caricatures that accompany political satires on newspapers. These days, editorial illustrations have gone beyond the world of politics; and can be just as savvy and artistic as the articles they cover in magazines.

I have curated a list of 25 talented editorial illustrators I absolutely love. Each of these illustrations has developed a unique style, and honed their ability to tell a story through images. Just make sure to click the images to support the artists. 

Leandro Lassmar
Tom Clohosy Cole
Leonardo Santamaria
Multiple Owners
Robert Hunter
Eiko Ojala
Klawe Rzeczy
Nicolae Negura
Multiple Owners
whooli chen
Eiko Ojala
r sermet öner
Eiko Ojala
Eren Dedeleroglu
Pedro Correa
Dion MBD
Henri Kähkönen
Eren Dedeleroglu
Davide Bonazzi
David Bonazzi
Tang Yau Hoong
Maxim Usik
Karol Banach
Eiko Ojala
Yasmine Gateau


That’s it, Thanks for stopping by.  If you have seen an inspiring editorial illustration from the collection let me know in the comments below. Have a great day.